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CLICK for our FIRST DEMO, which took place on 7th September 2019, right in front of Hamburg Town Hall
OUR SECOND DEMO was on the 12TH OCTOBER 2019.

Page introduced
in 2018

We are based in Hamburg

The Seasons of Discontent 2016 - 2020 - Can we stop the clock?
Brexit was set for 29th March 2019. Stopped until 12th April, as of 21.03.2019.
11.04.2019 - Brexit delayed until 31st October 2019, a flexible delay. Another flexible delay, to 31st January 2020 - decided 28.10.2019, by Brussels

The next delay could be to January 2020, or for two years, if France refuses to allow
a three month delay. Brexit could even be stopped, with a little luck

External Countdown Service. Click above. British time showed (GMT)
From the 1st January 2021, the BREXIT DISASTER will become a reality. As this will be the worst thing to happen to the UK, since the last war, not including Corona, we will no longer update this page, until we re-enter the EU
The songs we have chosen on our SoundCloud channel, to reflect BREXIT | Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five
If BREXIT can be stopped, we will organise a get-together to discuss and even celebrate that event. Please refer to our Hamburg English Pages Facebook Page and see Events. The event could take place in postcode area 22609, next to the International School. Some of the Brexit related Facebook groups, based in Germany, organise meetings on a monthly basis. As our FB page is for all English speaking people, this website page has been created, to avoid too many Brexit posts.
BREXIT is costing the British economy GBP 800 million a week - GBP 80 billion since the 2016 referendum, a Bank of England policymaker has said. 15.02.2019
UK in EU Challenge - Court Costs Donations www.crowdjustice.com
Donate to 38 Degrees | Give EU citizens in the UK and Brits abroad their final say
Saturday, 12th October 2019 Demo - Click images for more photos on Facebook. It was a wet Saturday, but a great group of people. Please send us your contact details, if you took part - © www.englishpages.de
More images
The Photos | NDR Video | Mittagsmagazin different Video (from 11:45) - 09.09.2019

Saturday 7th September. Our BREXIT protest outside Hamburg Town Hall (Rathaus) from 11am to 3pm - Please follow this Facebook link. Questions can be placed as a comment, or you can use our contact page - see button on this page. The protest was different and included our classic British car, for marketing reasons, with additional EU-star printed Union Jacks, on mobile flag poles, plus A-boards. Press photos are available. They can be used for free, but only with © www.englishpages.de under, or next to each photo, not elsewhere. Please note: we had special permission to park on the square, in front of the town hall. Further protests, could take place, but permission will be required, within the ban mile. The next demo was, Sat, 12th October, two days before the undemocratic Parliament break was due to finish and was very wet

The Facebook Event (Demo): 12.10.2019 - VOTE TO REMAIN - No to Brexit

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Brexit (/ˈbrɛksɪt/ or /ˈbrɛɡzɪt/), a portmanteau of "Britain exit", is (hopefully 'was') the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). The word followed the referendum of 23rd June 2016... click here
Link to this section: www.englishpages.de/brexit#petitions
Do Not Prorogue Parliament. Parliament must not be prorogued, or dissolved unless and until the Article 50 period has been sufficiently extended, or the UK's intention to withdraw from the EU has been cancelled. SIGN HERE
Allow all British citizens to vote - should there be a new referendum on Brexit. When the referendum on leaving the EU took place in 2016, a large number of British Citizens were not allowed to register their vote for a series of reasons laid down by the government. Obviously this matter affects ALL British citizens equally, therefore they should all have an equal right to vote. March 2019
ALMOST SIX MILLION - 30.03.2019 > Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is 'the will of the people'. We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now, for remaining in the EU. A People's Vote may not happen - so vote now.
Donate: Get behind a public inquiry into the EU Referendum - Crowd Funding. My name is Kyle Taylor. I am the director of Fair Vote UK. I am bringing this case forward because we must defend our democracy against cheaters and law-breakers.
Petition | Give voting rights to EU citizens in the UK and Brits abroad in a People's Vote - In the government's response, Commonwealth residents have more rights. Otherwise, standard copy and paste

09.01.2019 - The petition “STOP BREXIT” and others : https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/226509
The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) met today and agreed to schedule a debate on Monday, 14th January 2019 on the following group of petitions expressing different views on leaving the European Union:

STOP BREXIT https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/226509
Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963
Leave the EU now https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/221747
Walk away now! We voted for a No Deal Brexit https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/235185
Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232984
To have a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231461
Stop Brexit if parliament rejects the deal https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/236261

The Committee has decided to have a single debate on these petitions because it wanted to ensure they were debated as soon as possible, so they would be less likely to be overtaken by events. The Committee has included some smaller petitions because they are very similar to those with 100,000 signatures.

The debate will start at 4.30pm. You can watch it at http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Commons. A transcript will be published the following day at https://hansard.parliament.uk

You can follow the Petitions Committee on Twitter @HoCpetitions

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

People's Vote Related
UK Parliament Brexit Petitions
Court Cases
Link to this section: www.englishpages.de/brexit.htm#court

UK in EU Challenge | 20th December 2018 | Text © via UK in EU Challenge:
For those that are interested, you can now review all the relevant documents relating to our Permission Hearing on 7th December & our Appeal. Check-out the latest update for the 17th December for:
1. Court Judgement
2. Permission to Appeal Skeleton Argument
3. Grounds of Appeal
Article 50 Challenge | 20th Dec 2018 | The House of Commons library has now updated their briefing paper to include a summary of @A50Challenge. There is now confirmation the decision to leave EU was an executive act of the PM. Facebook / Link to full paper

Twitter - The Court Cases Against Brexit Explained
People's Vote UK - Facebook

BBC Report & Facebook Page - Illegal Brexit/Stop Brexit Court Case - 7th Dec 2018

Headlines + Info Pages + Searches
UP 2019
Link to this section: www.englishpages.de/brexit.htm#news
BREXIT LIVE: BBC News | The Guardian | Google News | UK Reuters | UK Parliament | The Evening Standard (London) | Exit Brexit / Stop Brexit - Current News | Financial Times - Brexit | The Guardian and Brexit | BBC Radio 4 (Live Stream) - News and current affairs | BBC World TV - See Google, or channel 1102 on Satellite. Please report dead links via our Hamburg Facebook page, or see 'Contact' We are unable to offer Brexit advice. In German, we recommend you find Phoenix on TV. The Latest News - All sources - added 08.09.2019
Selected News Links
© belongs to all owners via each link
27.10.2019 - Brexit news latest: Mind your inflammatory language, Archbishop of Canterbury tells Boris Johnson EVENING STANDARD
26.10.2019 - Brexit news latest: Lib Dems and SNP write to EU chief calling for long extension EVENING STANDARD
26.10.2019. THE COUNTDOWN TO DISASTER. 5 DAYS TO GO. Brexit news latest: Remainer MPs 'to push for second referendum next week' EVENING STANDARD
25.10.2019 - BORIS JOHNSON IS A LIAR, so are his closest aides. Jean-Claude Juncker has accused Boris Johnson of spreading “lies” during the Brexit referendum campaign, in his most strongly worded attack on the prime minister yet.
24.10.2019 - A Downing Street source said that – despite having secured a majority at second reading for his Withdrawal Agreement Bill – if he is denied an election on Monday, the PM will make no further attempt to force his Brexit deal through parliament by the new 31 January deadline, expected to be offered by the European Union on Friday. INDEPENDENT
24.10.2019 - We might be moving towards a conclusion, in the Brexit Game. It is time to stop Brexit. The best option is to revoke article 50. Second best, a referendum. An election could lead to a win, but is likely to create decades of misery, if it comes before a referendum, or before Brexit is stopped. It is time to remove the current government and Labour is not an alternative, under Corbyn. We need a total restart and, if possible, a new party, an adminstrative government, or a party committed to remaining, but one that is willing to tackle the problems. Brexit, or even Remaining are not the answers to the problems, that led to this crisis. We need reforms and concrete solutions, in problem areas, as soon as possible. To concentrate on Brexit, is to ignore the problems and remove billions of Pounds, from areas of need.
24.10.2019 - TACTICAL VOTING - As an election looms, we will have to be deadly serious about tactical voting to defeat Boris Johnson's Brexit. A divided opposition means the chances of an electoral pact are almost certainly nil, and so it falls to the electorate to vote with our heads as well as our hearts. INDEPENDENT
23.10.2019 - THE MILLION WHO MARCHED ON SAT 19TH OCTOBER 2019 - Those who marched against Brexit will never forgive the Tories for inflicting such turmoil on the land. This was the silent majority finding its voice, the slow-to-anger rising up against the destruction of their values and their country. THE NEW STATESMAN
23.10.2019 - The Brexit crisis has plunged Remainers and Brexiteers into a dangerous game of the ‘prisoners’ dilemma’. The likely outcome of intransigence on both sides of the Brexit debate is that the judge will send both gang leaders down – so we end up with a bad deal that satisfies nobody: INDEPENDENT

John Bercow says he will stand down as House of Commons Speaker at next UK general election or on 31 October, whichever comes first. BBC 09.09.2019

The zoo keeper is leaving. The animals will be let loose.

The Latest News - All sources - added 08.09.2019
If you are getting lost in all the parliamentary procedures over the Brexit deal, look at this useful summary from the Institute for Government - Feb 2019
04.09.2019 | We are back with new news links, including Boris Johnson, who lost his majority today. Please refer to this link: CLICK HERE #NotMyPM #StopTheCoup #ExitBrexit
Local elections: Results in maps and charts - BREXIT has caused a massive backlash! BBC 03.05.2019
LINK TO CURRENT NEWS - The next elections to the European Parliament are expected to be held between 23rd and 26th May 2019. A total of 751 Members of the European Parliament currently represent more than 512 million people from 28 member states
How to make sure you can vote in the UK's European elections. UK, Commonwealth and EU citizens can vote in the May European parliamentary elections, but you must be registered by Tuesday 7th May / Proxy 5th May
Brexit talks take turn towards possible compromise. Sources on both sides hint at new optimism with talks likely to continue this week. Guardian 29.04.2019
www.peoplesvotetest.uk - Who to vote for, in the EU election - 29.04.2019
Don't forget that the MEP elections use proportional representation.The ballot paper lists the parties' names (and their candidates under the party name), and any independent candidates. Put a cross next to the PARTY (or independent candidate) that you wish to vote for. If a party you vote for has both pro and anti EU candidates then you could find that you've voted the wrong way. Brexit: pro-EU parties to use European elections as 'soft referendum'. Guardian 13.04.2019
Time for a second referendum, or even better an end to the story, without the waste of billions more of tax-payers contributions - REVOKE A50. We cannot allow the far right, populists, carreerists and opportunists to win and take over. To let them win, will see a rise in racism, death threats and violence. Democracy would be questioned. English Pages Germany 13.04.2019
NOTE 04.04.2019 - We are currently waiting for serious news, while everybody discusses hundreds of variations of what might happen next. As such there has been a reduction in posts, in places.
Whatever happens next, the nationalist right has lost the battle for Brexit. Talks with Labour and the extension represent a pro-European turning point, with a second vote more likely than ever. Guardian 13.04.2019
Germany's Mittelstand are Hardly Prepared for Brexit - Preparing for a hypothetical Brexit is too costly. www.economist.com 11.04.2019
The plain truth is that Britain will probably never leave the European Union. Why can't Leavers just accept that the country deserves another say? www.prospectmagazine.co.uk 11.04.2019
Theresa May agrees to October Brexit as Donald Tusk warns UK 'don't waste this time'. UK also has option to leave in June if PM can secure Commons support for deal. Guardian 11.04.2019
Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31st October. BBC 11.04.2019
11.04.2019: BREXIT delayed until 31st October 2019, a flexible delay. Brexit on, or after 22nd May 2019 is still possible.
Summary 10/11.04.2019 - Midnight: still no decision. Live 1 / Live 2
  • EU leaders are discussing Theresa May's request for a Brexit delay
  • The PM says she has "been clear" she is only seeking a short delay
  • She addressed a summit in Brussels and asked for an extension until 30 June
  • But European Council President Donald Tusk says he wants the leaders to consider a longer extension
If there was a referendum tomorrow with the options of remaining in the EU, accepting the government's Brexit agreement, or leaving the EU without a deal, which would you support? Field work dates: 14th November 2018 - 18th January 2019. Data from: Great Britain, United Kingdom. Results from: 13 polls
EU rejects Theresa May's bid for short delay to Brexit. Britain's membership could be extended to March 2020 after PM fails to sell her plan in dash to Paris and Berlin. Guardian 09.04.2019
Brexit now 31.12.2019 | UK likely to be offered Brexit extension until end of year EU chief negotiator. Michel Barnier fails to convince bloc May has plan to break deadlock. Guardian 09.04.2019
Company Offering Chance To Be Induced Into Coma Until Brexit Is Over - 08.04.2019 waterfordwhispersnews.com
23:11 - 08.04.2019 The legislation to extend the Brexit process in a bid to avoid a no-deal scenario has received royal assent and has become law.
ROYAL ASSENT: Having been agreed by both Houses of Parliament, the #EUWithdrawal5Bill has now received Royal Assent. A motion under the terms of the European Union Withdrawal (No.5) Act 2019 - on the Article 50 extension to be requested from the EU - will be debated tomorrow - 9th April. Twitter - House of Commons
Government sets date for European elections in UK in case of Brexit delays. ITV.com 08.04.2019
The Guardian view on Brexit delay: there is still a way forward. Britain is days away from crashing out of the EU with no deal. It is vital – and possible – to prevent that from happening. Guardian 08.04.2019
Brexit: Will Britain be leaving the EU on Friday? What next list. ITV.com 08.04.2019
Cross-party talks to continue as Jeremy Corbyn says Government not moving on Brexit red lines. ITV.com 08.04.2019
Is cancelling Brexit the Prime Minister's new default? ITV.com 08.04.2019
UK MPs vote by majority of one, to force PM Theresa May to ask for a Brexit extension to avoid any 'no deal' scenario. BBC 04.04.2019
Labour confirms it wants to end freedom of movement. 03.04.2019 labourlist.org
Bill to prevent no-deal Brexit passes second vote in the Commons. Draft law from Yvette Cooper and Sir Oliver Letwin carried by a majority of five. Guardian 03.04.2019
PMQs verdict: Corbyn shows us politics of a non-Brexit universe. Labour leader ignores the crisis as May comes under most pressure from her own MPs. Guardian 03.04.2019
Liam Fox's ministry faces more criticism for lack of Brexit readiness. Creation of body to protect UK firms from unfair global trade practices is behind schedule. Guardian 03.04.2019
Corbyn and May agree to more talks after 'constructive' first day. Labour leader under pressure from Emily Thornberry to put any pact to a second public vote. Guardian 03.04.2019
The Guardian view on Brexit radicalisation: take time, lower the temperature! Brexiters may well be frustrated but their rhetoric of betrayal, sabotage and treason is fuelling a dangerously febrile atmosphere. 03.04.2019
16:05 | The leaders of five of the smaller parties, or groups at Westminster, the SNP, the Lib Dems, the Independent Group, Plaid Cymru and the Greens, are giving a joint statement to the BBC in central lobby at Westminster. They are all in favour of another referendum on Brexit, and they are expressing their concern that that this will not feature in any plan that might be endorsed by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. They also made the argument that, if MPs are allowed to vote more than once on Brexit, the public should have this right too. Guardian 03.04.2019
Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to back public vote on Brexit deal. Senior Labour figures call on party leader to block any deal that lacks ‘people’s vote’ option. Guardian 03.04.2019
98 Reasons To Stay In The EU: Benefits Of Membership For The UK - smallbusinessprices.co.uk
May's bombshell means the Little English nationalist revolution is over - Paul Mason (Comment). The carefully crafted illusions the May administration were founded on, have crumbled into dust. After three years of civil service expertise wasted, billions of pounds of growth lost and two years' worth of legislative time squandered, Theresa May stopped trying to get Brexit through with Tory votes and turned to Jeremy Corbyn. Guardian 02.04.2019
Fewer than 6 Tory MPs turn up to debate petition of 6 million - Chris Leslie has called for the petition to revoke Article 50, to be moved to the House of Commons after fewer than six Conservative MPs turned up to debate a petition of six million. www.thelondoneconomic.com 02.04.2019
Brexit deadlock: The Commons in numbers. The majorities. The government is opposed by a broad coalition of Labour, SNP, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru and Green MPs who are pushing for a different kind of exit, or who want to remain in the EU. BBC 02.04.2019
Brexit latest: New bill to stop no-deal exit tabled by cross-party alliance of MPs Legislation designed to clear the Commons in a single day on Thursday, 4th April - to compel an extension to Article 50 beyond 12th April. www.independent.co.uk 02.04.2019 / Brexit: MPs push to prevent no-deal in law - BBC 02.04.2019
MPs in the Commons believe the People are April Fools! Internal positioning continues, as No Deal looms once again. 01.04.2019
Brexit: Germany plans visa-free travel for British visitors. The Local 01.04.2019
Brexit votes: MPs fail to back proposals again. BBC 01.04.2019
Brexit: No deal more likely but it can be avoided - Barnier - BBC 01.04.2019
01.04.2019 | What next? Tuesday 2 April: Five-hour cabinet meeting from 09:00 BST. Wednesday 3 April: Potentially another round of indicative votes. Thursday 4 April: Theresa May could bring her withdrawal deal back before MPs for a fourth vote. Wednesday 10 April: Emergency summit of EU leaders to consider any UK request for further extension. Friday 12 April: Brexit day, if UK does not seek/EU does not grant further delay. 23-26 May: European Parliamentary elections. BBC
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove under fire on Vote Leave’s law-breaking. Conservative grandees asked to account for their role in the Brexit campaign, after group drops its appeal against fine. Guardian 30.03.2019
Second Referendum
THE REFERENDUM IS INVALID. IN case it wasn't fully reported in the media...
Vote Leave broke the law. Official. If the referendum had been binding it would have been declared invalid. Electoral Commission.
But the referendum was advisory, so can't be declared invalid. Electoral Commission.
But everyone with an ounce of moral integrity knows that it is now officially invalid. Please share. FB 30.03.2019
Gordon Brown: The UK needs a year-long extension on Brexit - to really take back control. We could gain an opt-out from the European elections and take the time to debate our future. Guardian Opinion 30.03.2019
May hopes to hold fourth vote on Brexit deal - Election also on the cards after MPs reject withdrawal agreement by 58 votes. Guardian 29.03.2019
The MEANINGLESS VOTE. May's 'Meaningful Vote 3' did not go through. Beaten again. No Deal, an extension, or No Brexit on the cards. 29.03.2019

SIX MILLION - Sign now

1st April Debate Date. Crown ©


A sort of No Deal - The Meaningless Vote will be on Friday. May challenges Brexiteers to vote against her deal on Brexit day - www.thelondoneconomic.com - 28.03.2019
Archive story: The EU has archived all of the “Euromyths” printed in UK media – and it makes for some disturbing reading - www.thelondoneconomic.com
MPs to debate Brexit on Friday ahead of possible vote, says Leadsom - "The Government intends to stage the third meaningful vote on its EU Withdrawal Agreement on Friday, Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom has told MPs". With the ERG saying they will only consider voting for the deal if the DUP back it, and the DUP coming out yesterday to say that they will not back it... is this curtains for Theresa May​ and her withdrawal deal? Additionally, John Bercow may have something to say about this too. Stay tuned... 28.03.2019 London Standard / InspireEU Facebook
The humbling of Britain. The “enemies of the people” are not those opposing Brexit, but the reckless politicians who have brought us to this act of self-harm. 27.03.2019 www.newstatesman.com
The obscene moral spectacle of Theresa May's resignation | What an abominable circus! www.politics.co.uk 27.03.2019
An electrifyingly urgent and courageous speech from Anna Soubry, who should be a model for all MPs at this critical moment, including Sarah Newton. What matters now is not the interests of their parties but the interests of their constituents and the country as a whole. And that has to mean doing everything possible to avoid a hard Brexit. In the longer term, it also has to mean a People's Vote to secure a genuine and verifiable mandate for whatever comes next. Without that, there can be no resoultion and no end to this nightmare.
Brexit: What happens now? BBC 27.03.2019
No majority for any of Brexit options - None of MPs' eight proposed options for Brexit have secured clear backing following a Commons vote. Calls for a customs union with the EU were rejected by 272 to 264 votes while a call for a referendum to endorse any deal was rejected by 295 to 268 votes. BBC 27.03.2019. Admin: The madness continues.
Brexit: MPs await results of votes on alternatives to Theresa May's deal BBC 27.03.2019
27.03.2019 | Eight Options Being Debated. Results due circa 22:30 CET, after voting ends around 20:30 CET. Politicians will also vote on changing Brexit Day. These are indicative votes and a paper ballot. The government can ignore them. May's Meaningful Vote 3, is back in play - PM says she will step down, if her deal is accepted. Anything can happen and all of the details are subject to change! The options:

No-deal Brexit - Leave the EU on 12th April without a deal - Tory MP John Baron
Common Market 2.0 - The UK joins the European Economic Area and negotiates a temporary customs union until alternative arrangements can be found - Tory MP Nick Boles.
EFTA/EEA - Similar to Common Market 2.0 but rejects any kind of customs union with the EU and says the Irish backstop must be replaced with alternative arrangements - Tory MP George Eustice.
Customs union - Calls for the UK to negotiate a permanent customs union with the EU after Brexit - Tory MP Ken Clarke.
Labour's alternative plan - A customs union with the EU and "close alignment" with the single market - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Revoke Article 50 - Cancel Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving without a deal. MPs would be asked to vote on a no-deal exit and if they rejected that, Article 50 would be revoked - SNP MP Joanna Cherry.
Confirmatory public vote - Parliament cannot ratify or implement any agreement on the UK's withdrawal and future relationship "unless and until they have been approved by the people of the UK in a confirmatory public ballot" - Labour MP Margaret Beckett

Malthouse Plan B - The UK makes its budgetary contributions to the EU to the end of 2020 and agrees with the EU a period of two years in which UK goods have full access to the EU - Tory MP Marcus Fysh.
"So hard Brexiteers will vote for the PMs “deal” not because it’s good for our country and the right thing to do - not even because it delivers Brexit - but because it gets rid of the PM #Shameful" - Anna Soubry MP 27.03.2019
The usual answer has been given... 5,807,455 signatures. Revoke Article 50 petition: Government rejects plea by 5.8 million people to cancel Brexit 'We will honour the result of the 2016 referendum and work with Parliament to deliver a deal that ensures we leave the EU'. 26.03.2019 | ADMIN: This announcement could slow down the petition > SIGN THE PETITION: Parliament will debate this petition on 1ST April 2019. You'll be able to watch online at parliamentlive.tv
Brexit: MPs set out plan to consider alternatives to PM's deal - BBC 26.03.2019

Brexit: DUP says one-year delay better than May's deal.
MPs likely to back soft Brexit or second vote, says minister who quit.
Rees-Mogg says it is ‘very, very difficult’ to see 'no deal' happening.
Government may ignore result of indicative votes process, says Hancock.
Guardian Live Today - 26.03.2019

NOT SATIRE: “Laura Kuenssberg has revealed that the new name for those daytrippers is "The Grand Wizards"”. No. Seriously. The ERG are now borrowing from the KKK. 26.03.2019 www.thenational.scot
Caroline Lucas: "Why is the Prime Minister incapable of accepting the principle that democracy is a process, not a single, one-off event? "Over the last almost three years, opinion poll after opinion poll has shown that people *do* want to have a final say on whatever deal comes out of this place. "And before she answers that this might lead to a third or a fourth referendum: she knows perfectly well that that is the beauty of the Kyle-Wilson amendment: whatever the result of going back to the people on the deal that comes out of this place will go straight into law, so will be an end of it. "Why does she not accept that?"
MPs seize control of Brexit process by backing indicative votes amendment. Amendment giving MPs a series of votes on alternatives to May’s Brexit deal passes 329 votes to 302. Guardian 25.03.2019
UK MPs vote to take control of House of Commons business in an unprecedented move to try to find a majority for any #Brexit option.
BBC 25.03.2019

Next stop six million

Crown ©
25.03.2019 - 22:20. Next stop 6 million - Update: Mon 25 March 22:35: 5,638,556 signatures 32% of 17.4m

TUSK: "The fate of Brexit is in the hands of our British friends. As the EU, we are prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. As you know, hope dies last." If you want to stay in, then you need to sign the petition. The power and strength, is always with the people. X. BBC 23.03.2019
Brexit march: Thousands join referendum protest - BBC 23.03.2019
Comment | Admin: Brexit might be over soon and May may say goodbye... Tactics, as I said in 2016? The March march on Saturday 23rd, could be the biggest in history! All options are now on the table. Anything could happen. The TV series, or film might be released in 2020. 22.03.2019

Next stop 4 million
Next stop 4 million. 22.03.2019 - 23:30. #RevokeArticle50. Rumours of Bots behind

this jump,may be referring to years old news. Crown ©

Facebook search: See the posts... see the photos... see the videos... #ThePeoplesMarch 23.03.2019
"It must never happen again" - Michael Heseltine's superb speech at the People's Vote March YOUTUBE 23.03.2019
Theresa May has told MPs that a third vote on her Brexit deal may not take place next week "if it appears there is not sufficient support". BBC 22.03.2019. Admin: May losing grip on power. The last stand.
Indicative Votes Defined - #Brexit: May, may use this to confuse the vote on Monday. 22.03.2019
Theresa May is preparing to hold a series of "indicative votes" on Brexit if her deal is rejected again next week.
Among the options under consideration for votes in Parliament is the option to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.
More than 3 million people have signed a petition this week to revoke Article 50.
MPs have just weeks to solve Britain's Brexit crisis or risk leaving the EU without a deal.
www.businessinsider.com 22.03.2019
"Both Trump & Brexit involved external manipulation. Both were victories for our enemies. Both have torn apart communities instead of bringing them together. Both mean building walls instead of breaking them down. There is another way" (Twitter, 20 March). Maybe the rising clamour for a new referendum, or even a revocation of Article 50, will soon be difficult to ignore.
© Nick Prag - Publisher, EUbusiness
Brexit: Theresa May to urge MPs to back deal as delay agreed. Many options available. No Deal still possible on 12th April.
Legalities explained Bloomberg Video: Legal Ramifications If May Ignores Parliament, Gina Miller Says. BREXIT what happened: Under the deal agreed by May, Britain will now stay a member state until 12th April, if the withdrawal agreement is rejected by MPs at the third time of asking. The government will be able to seek a longer extension during that period if it can both “indicate a way forward” and agree to hold European elections. 21.03.2019
Jeremy Corbyn Walks Out Of Cross-Party Brexit Talks 'Because The Independent Group Attended'. A Labour spokesman said he left because it 'wasn’t the meeting that had been agreed'. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said: "That is rather a strange way to behave in a national crisis.". In the meeting, May is said to have restated her case for her deal without entertaining any of the alternatives suggested. She also reportedly suggested the third meaningful vote could appropriately take place on Monday, 1st April 2019. www.huffingtonpost.co.uk - 20.03.2019. Admin: If BREXIT was not for real, we would think it's a 1st of April joke!
May to bring twice-defeated deal back to parliament - www.rte.ie 20.03.2019
.Either May's deal is voted through next week, or it's a no-deal Brexit on the Friday. Tusk says EU will only give the UK a short article 50 extension if MPs pass the Brexit deal. Guardian 20.03.2019. Admin: Maybe a long extension?
“90% of the British public think the UK's behaviour as we move to leave the European Union has humiliated us as a nation”. Brexit: 90% say handling of negotiations is 'national humiliation' - Sky Data poll. As the prime minister asks the EU to delay Brexit, over a third of people blame the UK government for the stalemate. SKY 20.03.2019
The third meaningful vote has been put on hold, pending permsission to extend A50. It's not over yet. 19.03.2019
James O'Brien believes the Leave Means Leave March is a perfect analogy for Brexit - a few people abandoned in the rain by wealthy people who are back in London. LBC 19.03.2019
What has John Bercow done today? Everything you need to know about decision by Commons Speaker to stop MPs voting for third time on PM’s deal. Guardian 18.03.2019

Cornwall for Europe: It is impossible to read this piece without concluding that there has been a catastrophic failure to protect our national security and a subsequent attempt by government to cover up this failure.

The Chaotic Triumph of Arron Banks, the “Bad Boy of Brexit”. The U.K. is in a panic over voters’ decision to withdraw from the E.U. But the pugnacious millionaire whose donations—and Trumpian scare tactics—helped sway Britons has no regrets. www.newyorker.com

Constitutional chaos after third vote on Brexit deal blocked. PM likely to have to request long article 50 extension after Bercow intervenes. Guardian 18.03.2019
Bercow suggests he will not allow another Brexit deal vote unless EU agrees further changes. Guardian 18.03.2019
Brexit: Labour set to endorse a plan to put May’s deal to a public vote. The party warms to a proposal that aims to .break deadlock by backing deal, subject to a ‘confirmatory referendum’. Guardian 17.03.2019
What happened today. BBC 14.03.2019
The problem is not so much Theresa May - it's that Britain is now ungovernable. There can be no 'genuine leadership' from a political class that has become totally divorced from ordinary people - Guardian 14.04.2019
Owen Smith MP: "Brexit is a racist, xenophobic, right-wing, reactionary project. "Brexit is exacerbating the underlying problems in our society. It is a racist, xenophobic, right-wing, reactionary project and we of the Labour Party should be fighting against it with every sinew of our being... There's an opportunity to come and speak and march against it on 23rd of March. People the length and breadth of Britain should join us for that and make your voice heard."
BREXIT summed up! James O'Brien explained the current state of Brexit using the analogy of buying a toaster - and listeners loved it. See the right hand side of this page via the link, for more! LBC 14.03.2019 - Older LBC broadcasts
Theresa May is planning to bring her twice-defeated bad deal back to the Commons next week. The sheer absurdity of holding meaningful votes until she wins... click for more - Facebook 14.03.2019
MPs have voted to delay Brexit beyond March, which is the first stage.
The UK is scheduled to leave in just two weeks, as you can see on our website ticker, but the decision by parliament now means that May will request an extension to Article 50 of at least three months.

The prime minister could request a significantly longer delay to Brexit, if MPs reject her deal for a third time next week, on Wednesday 21st March. The saga continues!
All remaining 27 EU member states would have to agree to an extension of Article 50. Would Spain join in, without agreements on Gibraltar? Would the anti-EU government in Hungary be interested?
Members of Parliament have voted to delay Brexit, in response to Theresa May's struggle to get her deal through the House of Commons. MPs on Thursday voted by 412 to 202 for a motion which instructs the prime minister to ask the European Union for an extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process. If accepted by all the 27 other EU member states, it means that the United Kingdom will not leave the EU on 29th March, as originally scheduled.
May has told MPs that if they agree to back a Brexit deal by Wednesday next week, the UK's departure will only have to be delayed by three months, meaning Brexit would take place on 30th June. However, if the House of Commons does not approve a deal by Wednesday, the UK government will be forced to ask for a much longer delay, in order to create time to find a new way forward, the prime minister has said.

Third vote on May's deal 'now up to Bercow - BBC 14.03.2019
Andrew Adonis > The final motion on an Article 50 extension, which will now pass, is good. It explicitly states that in the event of May’s deal not passing by end of March then it is ‘highly likely’ there will be a long extension & the holding of European elections in May - Twitter / BBC 14.03.2019

MPs are now voting on the Labour Party's frontbench amendment tabled by Jeremy Corbyn. The amendment:

- rejects the prime minister's deal

- rejects no-deal seeks an extension of Article 50 to avoid no-deal on 29 March

- seeks an extension of Article 50 "to provide parliamentary time for this House to find a majority for a different approach"

Ayes 312 Noes 314 - Parliament loses its bid to take control of the Brexit process, by two votes - very significant indeed and a huge relief for the govt. BBC 14.03.2019
LIVE - MPs vote on Brexit delay Latest updates as MPs vote at the end of the debate on whether Britain should ask to stay in the EU longer than planned. BBC 14.03.2019
MPs reject amendment to delay Brexit for second referendum. LBC 14.03.2019
What happened today - BBC 13.03.2019
Jeremy Corbyn, are you really with your foot soldiers on a second vote? Tess Finch-Lees. Guardian 13.03.2019
James O'Brien Debunks Every Reason Brexiters Have To Hate The EU - LBC 13.03.2019 | Archive: The Van Driver Being Put Out Of Business By Brexit. This says it all and still Parliament is ignoring this - May 2018
An angry listener told Boris Johnson: "It is catastrophic the humiliation you've caused in this country with your lies in the Leave campaign." LBC 13.03.2019
Mrs May says the government could continue negotiations or have a second referendum, but this would damage the trust between the British public and the House. The EU has been clear that the deal on the table is the only one available, the PM adds. The prime minister says Andrea Leadsom will make an emergency business statement shortly, which will include a motion on a short-limited technical extension to Article 50. "Such a short technical extension extension is only likely to be on offer if a deal is in place," she adds. © BBC 13.03.2019
The numbers on the amended no-deal motion: for 321 against 278
Vote tomorrow for an extension to Article 50. Corbyn: Extending Article 50 is 'now inevitable'. SNP's Westminster Leader Ian Blackford says: "We are in a constitutional crisis. "What we see from the prime minister is a denial of the facts... her deal is dead." Mr Blackford says he is "delighted" that the House has expressed that under no circumstances it wants a no-deal Brexit. May warns about threat of another referendum. Talk of extension. 29th March in doubt. House risks losing trust of people, May says. Admin: trust has already been lost. 13.03.2019 English Pages Germany
The BBC's political correspondent, Vicki Young, says that there are "lots of rumours" that ministers and even Cabinet ministers may well be resigning from government over their votes this evening. Former leader of UKIP Nigel Farage says that he accepts that the UK may no longer be leaving the EU on 29 March. He says that the prime minister and Parliament do not have the "will to see it through". He adds that the withdrawal agreement tabled was a "far worse situation" than being members of the EU. "In the end, we are going to get Brexit, because the genie is out of the bottle," he says. © BBC 13.03.2019
Malthouse amendmant refused. A sort of NO DEAL exit. Another vote due 20.36. The vote that NO DEAL will absolutely NOT TAKE PLACE. Very hard to follow.
MPs have voted to reject the 'Malthouse Compromise' amendment. Ayes: 164 Noes: 374 Majority: 210
Although the house has voted against NO DEAL , it is not legally binding and could still happen! More has to happen. Further develpments are filly open! 13.03.2019

© BBC. 13.03.2019 - 20:22. With the government defeated on the Spelman/Dromey amendment by four votes, Conservative MP Damian Green now stands to move his amendment (f). This amendment (f), referred to as the "Malthouse Compromise", sets out the process for a "managed no-deal". It requests:

- The government publishes tariff schedules

- An extension of leaving to 22 May 2019

- "Mutual standstill agreements" between the UK and EU until the end of 2021, including payments to the EU

- A unilateral guarantee of citizens' rights MPs are now voting on this amendment, with a result expected shortly

NO DEAL VOTES: Two vote results due - First vote 20:16 CET 13.03.2019 > MPs approve Spelman/Dromey amendment > 312 Ayes, 308 Noes. THIS MEANS 'NO DEAL' IS IMPOSSIBLE THIS TIME (could come after an extension). Second vote / amendment: due soon:
NOTE: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO POST ON FACEBOOK. Either privately, on Pages, or in Groups. Please use our links for the latest news. 19:00 - 13.03.2019 - Update: 00:30 Still not possible - a global problem. Back online, early the following morning.
Brexit: MPs will vote at 19:00 GMT on whether to leave the EU without a deal, on 29th March. 'No Deal' vote on https://www.welt.de/tv-programm-live-stream, circa 20:00 CET, if you unable to receive UK TV. Information source: N24/WELT
Angela Merkel 'said it would be easy to get EU to extend article 50'. German leader told summit Berlin will not block Brexit delay, diplomatic sources claim. Guardian 13.03.2019
This was May unplugged, unvoiced and once more exposed - John Crace. A kinder Tory party would put an end to her suffering right now. Guardian 13.03.2019
A No-Deal Brexit Would Be "Unlawful", Dominic Grieve Says - LBC
Hamburg and Brexit: What you need to know. Update 12.03.2019 - 11am: We received this in letter form today, in English. Facebook with links. Hamburg Welcome Centre
Any sign of May changing course? - BBC 12.03.2019
MPs vote against the UK PM’s revised EU withdrawal deal by 391 to 242, throwing the UK’s Brexit plans into confusion. BBC 12.03.2019
I’ll vote against this deal and face Brexit voters at the ballot box - Dame Margaret Beckett - THE TIMES 12.03.2019
Attorney General Geoffrey Cox: Legal Risk On May's Brexit Deal Remains Unchanged. 12.03.2019 www.lbc.co.uk

Brexit: 'Legally binding' changes to EU deal agreed. BBC 00:20 hrs - 12.03.2019 / Legally binding explained!

The current situation in Britain is "unprecedented in peacetime" says former deputy PM Lord Heseltine. "This is a disastrous position for the UK." BBC 11.03.2019
Brexit: The next few days explained. Brexit: Is the end nigh? With the clock ticking inexorably closer to the date for the UK's official departure from the EU, the UK parliament starts to vote on options. DW's Rob Mudge takes a look at the key Brexit scenarios. dw.com 11.03.2019
Three-quarters of newly eligible voters would back remain in second poll. Young people are strongly in favour of a people’s vote – with only 9% against it, survey finds. Guardian 10.03.2019
Jeremy Hunt says Brexit could be stopped 'in the next couple of weeks' 10.03.2019 www.businessinsider.de
Leading People’s Vote campaigner Caroline Lucas today delivered the verdict that Theresa May will call a second Brexit referendum once she is "boxed into a corner" over her Withdrawal Agreement. Green MP Ms Lucas pointed to the Prime Minister's "shameless" history of U-turns, predicting Mrs May will offer a second vote "when it suits her". www.standard.co.uk
Brexit: The Cox Gambit, the Barnier Response, and the Blame Game begins. 09.03.2019 www.rte.ie
Admin: Take the the time to read this and you will see that the UK government is really desperate. They are grabbing at straws.
Call for Corbyn to sack MPs who do not support People's Vote. Pro-EU Labour MP says second referendum will only happen with frontbench support. 09.03.2019 Guardian
Obscure no-deal Brexit group is UK's biggest political spender on Facebook. Britain's Future has spent GBP 340,000 promoting hard exit - but no one knows who's funding it. 09.03.2019 Guardian
'A slap in the face': Barnier sets May on course for Brexit defeat. Prime minister rebuffed as she pleads for last-ditch EU concessions before MPs vote. 08.03.2019 Guardian
"As MPs try to find a way through the Brexit maze, it is clear the country has driven into a dead end. It is going to take creativity and flexibility to get out of it in a way that unites people for the huge challenges of reform and renewal that lie ahead. A referendum should be part of that process – and for positive reasons, not just the lack of a majority for anything else." As foreign secretary I argued against an EU referendum. Now I back one - David Miliband - Guardian Comment 05.03.2019
Martin Howe: It is far better to risk extending Article 50 than to accept May’s bad deal 04.03.2019 www.conservativehome.com
Mandy Rhodes: It cost him his job but MP Alberto Costa revealed a common decency despite Brexit. Costa’s amendment, which rode to the rescue of EU citizens living on the UK and of Brits abroad, called for their rights to be protected regardless of the terms in which we leave the EU. 03.03.2019 www.sundaypost.com

ERG warns May not to 'bounce' parliament over new Brexit deal. Tory Eurosceptic group says at least two days will be needed to scrutinise new compromise on Irish backstop.

Wolfgang Schäuble, the president of Germany’s Bundestag, said this weekend that he was more convinced than ever that Britain would end up as a member of the European Union. “I believe Britain will either not leave the EU at all or come back at some point,” Schäuble told Funke Media Group. 04.03.2019 Guardian

Theresa May confirms plan to DELAY leaving date until end of June. The desperate Prime Minister was forced to make the announcement to head off a massive Tory revolt just 31 days before Brexit | Mirror 26.02.2019
Information on residence in Germany after the UK's exit from the EU In all EU Exit scenarios, UK nationals living in Germany will need to apply for a residence permit from their local Foreigners Authority (Auslaenderbehoerde). Find your relevant Foreigners Authority. Please be aware that it is important that you hold a valid passport when applying for the permit. GOV.UK 25.02.2019
U.K.'s Theresa May to Consider Delay to Brexit Date | Bloomberg 25.02.2019
25.02.2019 | Corbyn is expected to address the Parliamentary Labour Party this evening and relay the following plan for Brexit:

1. Labour will put forward an amendment to May's meaningful vote calling for a brexit compromise - which is basically a 'soft brexit' - a close relationship with the EU, customs union and single market etc

2. Labour will support the Cooper/Letwin amendment that calls for 'no deal' being taken off the table.

3. If the House cannot agree to support Labour's compromised deal, and yet again fails to support Theresa May's unpopular deal - leaving only exiting with no deal on the table - Labour will table a motion to go back to the people for a Second Vote.

Corbyn is following the Labour Party conference policy on Brexit to the letter.

The 'no confidence' motion failed, so there was no support for a General Election.

Now the pressure will be back on the Conservative Party to make up their minds on what they can agree on:
1. Support May's Withdrawal Agreement
2. Support Corbyn's Brexit compromise
3. Support a No Deal Brexit
4. Go back to the public for a second referendum.
What do you think they will choose?
Corbyn may have woken up! Click
Labour announces backing for a second Brexit referendum. Jeremy Corbyn says the party will support a public vote to "prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country". SKY 25.09.2019
Brexit could be delayed until 2021, EU sources reveal. EU reportedly determined to avoid uncertainty of three-month extension requests - Guardian 24.02.2019
The chances of a delay, even an end to Brexit, are just a breeze in a storm, but are slowly increasing... The saga continues | Second Brexit referendum motion to be tabled in parliament next week - Guardian 24.02.2019
Theresa May dismisses pressure to step down as PM after Brexit. May insists she will stay on after delaying ‘meaningful vote’ on revised exit deal again - Guardian 24.02.2019
Ministers defy PM and vow to back Brexit delay if her deal fails. Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and David Gauke will vote to extend Article 50, defying Theresa May, if her deal does not pass next week. SKY 23.02.2019
We'll move if they'll have us: The Brits who want to relocate to Germany as Brexit looms - The Local 22.02.2019
Has Theresa May finally exhausted her colleagues' patience? Departure of ‘three amigos’ is a sign that Tory MPs may defy the whip in Wednesday’s Brexit vote - 22.02.2019 Guardian
Ministers vow to back Brexit delay to avoid no-deal, defying PM Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark will vote to extend Article 50, defying Theresa May, if her deal does not pass next week - SKY 22.02.2019
UK driving licences will not be valid in Ireland under no-deal Brexit. British licence holders living in Ireland would need to get Irish licences before 29 March - Guardian 22.02.2019
Massive story breaking in Italy, according to Cornwall for Europe. Putin agreed to a request from Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini to covertly finance his Euro election campaign. The plan was to conceal the payment behind an apparently normal business deal. 22.02.2019
No breakthrough for May after ‘constructive’ Brexit talks in Brussels | Politics | The Guardian 21.02.2019
May and Juncker confirm commitment to plod along as clock runs down on Brexit | dw.com 21.02.2019
Theresa May mocked with anti-Brexit billboard in Brussels just hours before meeting with EU | The Independent
Anna Soubry: May is not a bad person, but she is delusional, says Tory quitter | 21.02.2019 The Guardian
Jeremy Corbyn inching closer to backing a second referendum | Politics | 21.02.2019 The Guardian
Three Tory MPs defect to fledgling Independent Group - Conservative split as rebels denounce grip of hardline Brexiters. Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen say Tory modernising project has been destroyed | Politics | The Guardian 21.02.2019
Theresa May is facing the most serious cabinet revolt of her premiership next week, with as many as 25 members of the government ready to vote for a Brexit delay unless she rules out “no deal” – in a move that will challenge her to sack them - Guardian 21.02.2019
Tom Watson urges colleagues not to call re.signing MPs traitors. Labour deputy leader says party could face even bigger split after seven MPs quit. Guardian 18.02.2019
Opinion- EPG: To avoid a split in the Conservative party and stop mass resignations in the Labour party, the only sensible way forward is to revoke A50 now and pick up the pieces afterwards. Less damage will be caused, by staying in the EU. If we consider the motives of many Leavers, then they are not the sort of people we need in the UK. Opportunists, racists, billionaire tax avoiders and populists should never be allowed to win! 17.02.2019
No-dealers dig in for a fresh battle amid fears of Tory split
Multimillionaire Conservative donor registers a new party to campaign for hard Brexit if a snap election is called. Guardian 17.02.2019
Excellent Brexit Analysis - A reflection written by Doug Poskitt - Facebook
50 songs we have chosen on our SoundCloud channel, to reflect BREXIT | Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five
Sarah Holmes is an an expert in trade law who advises many UK exporters. Tonight she gave some (horribly) fascinating insights into the barriers to trade that Brexit is erecting and the huge costs that companies have already been forced to pay for this lunacy - Live Facebook Video - Cornwall for Europe - 15.02.2019
BREXIT is costing the British economy £800 million a week - £80 billion since the 2016 referendum, a Bank of England policymaker has said. Facebook - Bristol for Europe 15.02.2019
Jeremy Corbyn faces up to 10 resignations from the Labour frontbench if he fails to throw his party’s weight behind a fresh attempt to force Theresa May to submit her Brexit deal to a referendum in a fortnight’s time, frustrated MPs are warning. Guardian 15.02.2019
No-deal Brexit: Country by country guide to how the rights of Britons will be affected - THE LOCAL 14.02.2019
Anna Soubry: What is happening is a profound lack of leadership, from the very top of government BBC
History will not forgive May’s reckless push to the no-deal precipice - Guardian Opinion
BBC Question Time Video: Massive damage will be inflicted on the UK, regardless of which deal can be found. No deal is better than the one we already have. This businesswoman explains to Rees-Mogg what it is all about and he is clearly uncomfortable - Facebook
RAF veteran Stuart Thomson: "Brexit is the single most cowardly thing this country has ever done." Video
EXCLUSIVE: Senior Labour MPs Accuse Met Police of 'Cover-Up' and 'Unacceptable Delays' in Investigating Brexit Crimes 14.02.2019
PM Defeated over Brexit Strategy - BBC 19:00, 14.02.2019
THE LEGAL LOOPHOLE that allows a corrupted vote to be unchallenged - except in the courts perhaps. 13.02.2019
May plays down claim she could force MPs to choose between deal or Brexit delay - SKY NEWS 13.02.2019
Brexit: Government admits it has ‘run out of time’ to find ships to bring emergency supplies after no-deal 13.02.19
Brexit Set To Break the GBP . Forbes 13.02.2019
Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it? - Opinion - Guardian 13.02.2019
UK in EU Challenge | Thanks again to Dr. Rob Palmer of the Open University, for explaining what our case is all about, & why it's an important legal challenge. The Brexit Files: Part II. Is Wilson v the Prime Minister the silver bullet that will kill Brexit? - brexitshambles.com - 13.02.2019
© CLICK FOR TEXT SOURCE | Theresa May made the UK's decision to leave the EU solely on the basis of an advisory referendum which she knew was corrupted & without a plan for the future agreed by Cabinet. No rational Prime Minister properly seeking to discharge her responsibilities would ever have done such a thing. The effects of such folly are now self-evident. If the Court of Appeal hides behind a time bar to deny Judicial Review of a decision so critically impacting the British & EU Citizens' rights in UK & the rest of Europe, it'll be in breach of its duty of sincere co-operation. The Judiciary has been the one branch of Government which has withstood the pressure of Brexit relatively well. If the Court of Appeal fails, then we are completely undone; the Rule of Law is gone; Democracy farewell. Hopes are pinned on @UKEUchallenge. Given the Court of Appeal has given permission for an expedited hearing, one imagines they are prepared to consider waiving the time bar. Too much is at stake right now and parliament is a lottery. Make sure you encourage everyone to support this challenge. Please share far and wide, it really could collapse the Brexit house of cards. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/ukineuchallenge/ 12.02.2019
Our government is relentlessly pursuing the implementation of a policy derived from an unlawful mandate, whilst, at the same time, chooses to ignore the corrupt and illegal practices that delegitimised that mandate in the first place. Dr. Robert Palmer is a Law Lecturer at the Open Univerity faculty of Business & Law & an avid supporter of our case. This is his first excellent first piece published in January. A follow-up piece called: 'The Brexit Files: Part II. Is Wilson vs. the Prime Minister the silver bullet that will kill Brexit?' will be published very soon. Text source via link © - 12.02.2019 Facebook
The colonialist dreamers, who will only learn when members of the forces are killed. Post-Brexit UK ready to use "hard power" - Defence Minister 11.02.2019
We are all £1,500 worse off since the Brexit vote: Resolution Foundation - 11.02.2019 Yahoo Finance
A hidden government is preparing for Brexit… by keeping us in the dark - Nick Cohen - Guardian 09.02.2019 - Opinion
The farce continues... Government cancels Brexit ferry contract with no-ship firm - Guardian 09.02.2019
A quote by Theresa May on a billboard in Highbury, north London: I believe it is clearly in our national interest to remain a member of the European Union - Four men with a ladder: the billboard campaigners battling Brexit - Guardian 08.02.2019 #lLedByDonkeys
Can the government be sued for damages? Businesses are forced to spend millions and individuals are being forced to spend hundreds on new passports, driving licences and new arrangements. EPG 08.02.2019
Brexit as disruptive as disease outbreak, says farmers' leader NFU’s Minette Batters says ‘inept parliament’ forcing firms to spend millions to prepare - Guardian 08.02.2019
Theresa May's demands to renegotiate Brexit deal rejected by EU - Business Insider - 07.02.2019
Press release: Joint statement on behalf of the Prime Minister and President Juncker Prime Minister Theresa May met President Juncker in Brussels. Comment: nothing has been said, as usual. UK Government 07.02.2019
Brexit: Budget cuts threaten Ramsgate ferry plan - BBC 07.02.2019
"Appearances matter. Labour voters need to hear their party’s full-throated opposition to Brexit and all its fiendish works." Labour will be punished by voters if it gives any backing at all to Brexit - Guardian 07.02.2019
“In the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, there are ships that are setting sail from the UK today that will have to weather a thick extra fog of uncertainty on the high seas, as they could arrive in port effectively locked out of the very market they have travelled across the world to get to.” No-deal Brexit: UK exporters risk being locked out of world's harbours Goods dispatched in coming days may not arrive until after 29 March deadline - Guardian 07.02.2019
Dear Theresa May, your Brexit plan is doomed. Here’s a deal that will work - Comment - Gina Miller - Guardian 06.02.2019
Donald Tusk is with Leo Varadkar T.D. at Council of the European Union. Today our most important task is to prevent a no deal #Brexit. I hope that tomorrow we will hear from PM @theresa_may a realistic suggestion on how to end the impasse. Read more: https://t.co/ko9UGhtaJd 06.01.2019 Facebook
Not opposing Brexit could lose Labour 45 seats, says leaked report. Guardian 06.02.2019
Pro-second vote MPs hold their fire until after May's pointless Brussels trip. Guardian 06.02.2019
‘A special place in hell’: which Brexiters did Tusk have in mind? Guardian 06.02.2019
Donald Tusk has just done something extraordinary in politics. He told the truth! We have to remember though, many Brexiters don't believe others should have an opinion, so they will be hyper-active on the social media platforms today with the usual hate comments. Tusk warns of 'special place in hell' for those who backed Brexit without a plan. Guardian 06.02.2019
Please use our LIVE links. We are reducing posts, for a while. We are waiting for major changes, or confirmation of the worst scenarios
Theresa May’s denial is staggering: Brexit absolutely must be delayed | Jonathan Lis | Opinion | The Guardian 01.02.2019
Barclays is moving £170 billion in assets to Dublin to avoid the impact of Brexit on it and other financial services companies. Facebook - Cornwall for Europe 31.01.2019
Brexit and the Good Friday agreement | 31.01.2019 | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt admits Brexit may be delayed to avoid no deal | 31.01.2019 | The Guardian
Britons living in EU call on May to secure healthcare for pensioners | 31.01.2019 | The Guardian
Brexit Borderlands - A forgotten hinterland with a dark past: explore the EU's newest land frontier, Britain's oldest problem and Brexit's biggest obstacle - IRISH TIMES
Brexit: Britain may need to delay exit to pass legislation, Jeremy Hunt says.
Corbyn says an extension may be required due to government’s ‘failure to negotiate’ 31.01.2019 THE IRISH TIMES
Jeremy Corbyn to meet Theresa May for Brexit talks | 30.01.2019 The Guardian
'I fear for you in Britain': Parisians bewildered by Brexit | 30.01.2019 The Guardian
What happens to Brexit now? Yvette Cooper didnt win, but she will eventually. The backstop can be tweaked, but there is no way the EU would be prepared to ‘replace’ it, as the Brady amendment demands - Independent 30.01.2019
THE EU DOES NOT TRUST MAY - Show us your backstop alternatives, EU governments tell May: It’s time to tell us what you want, ministers say, as European press tears into PM + All the day’s political developments – live updates. Guardian 30.01.2019
UK seeks to reopen Irish deal in Brexit.
British prime minister Theresa May is asking the EU to reopen talks on Ireland and Brexit despite Europe's refusal. She gave the news to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker by phone on Tuesday (29 January) after British MPs tasked her to do so in a vote earlier in Westminster - 30.01.2019
EU official lambasts Britain's handling of Brexit - 30.01.2019 EU Observer
The Guardian view on May and the Tories: choosing unity over reality - Guardian 30.01.2019
Opinion: The world needs to start panicking about Brexit CNN 29.01.2019 with Video as well
Post Offices run out of Irish passport forms - BBC 29.01.2019
29.01.2019 - Please refer to LIVE links above, for more reactions, stories and analysis
British lawmakers instruct May to change Brexit deal; EU says 'No' Reuters 29.01.2019
Sterling sinks after MPs reject way to prevent no-deal Brexit - Reuters 29.01.2019
UK parliament rejects Cooper amendment seeking way to delay Brexit
British lawmakers voted on Tuesday against a proposal which could have given parliament the power to delay Brexit - a victory for Prime Minister Theresa May who opposed the plan. Tues 29.01.2019 Reuters
More of what LEAVERS voted for... Well done! US firms seek changes to UK standards on beef and drugs - 29.01.2019 BBC
No deal Brexit could see up to 250,000 British expats return to the UK – leaked government memo reveals -Jack Peat - 29.01.2019 | LEAKED? This was obvious before the referendum

Luke Pollard MP ©: Government wins the Sir Graham Brady amendment 317 to 301. That gives the PM a few more extra days to find a unicorn in Brussels. She won't be able to - I predict - and we will be back doing this all over again in two weeks time

Government defeated! Dame Caroline Spellman's amendment wins 318 to 310 in sending a message that the Commons won't support a no deal Brexit.

THIS WAS CLEAR BEFORE THE REFERENDUM - UK retirees in EU will lose free healthcare under no-deal Brexit. Burden on NHS could increase after 29 March if pensioners return to UK for treatment - Guardian 29.01.2019
17:30CET - 29.01.2019. LIVE FROM WESTMINSTER. May still refuses to rule out No Deal exit. Still not listening.
29.01.2019. Stock markets remain quiet on the next debate day, that will probably lead to disaster. May continues to protect her own party and ignore the people. Regardless of what happen today, only a law change will stop, or change the course of Brexit. The debate and the votes, will not change anything yet. May keeps telling everyone that she will travel back to Brussels, to continue deal talks. The EU is not prepared to talk any more. May is playing games. The votes for amendments, is not going well. The hope for another referendum, is dwindling
Why the UK cannot see that Brexit is utterly, utterly stupid. The British press helped condone austerity. It's now blinding us to the stupidity of Brexit. www.newstatesman.com 28.01.2019
'They were planning on stealing the election': Explosive new tapes reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s boasts of voter suppression, manipulation and bribery | openDemocracy In explosive recordings that Kaiser made in the summer of 2016, excerpts from which are published exclusively by openDemocracy today, her former boss, Alexander Nix, makes a series of extraordinary claims. The onetime Cambridge Analytica CEO talks of bribing opposition leaders, facilitating election-stealing and suppressing voter turnout. 28.01.2019
Not the Meaningful Vote: a Guide to the Role of the Commons on Tuesday | Verfassungsblog 28.01.2019
No-deal Brexit 'to leave shelves empty' warn retailers - 28.01.2019 BBC News
There is a high risk of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal by accident, the EU's deputy chief negotiator Sabine Weyand has said - 28.01.2019 BBC News
Is Parliament's Brexit fog about to clear? - 28.01.2019 BBC News
Brexit: No change to backstop, Ireland insists - 28.01.2019 BBC News
Brexit poll shows young losing faith in Jeremy Corbyn | 28.01.2019 | The Times
If the PM is ready to fight back against Brussels then her deal could yet be fixed - 28.01.2019 Telegraph
Another Vote, Another Crunch Week in Brexit Britain. Welcome to the New Britain, Where Every Week Is Hell. Another week brings another political crisis as the time to reach a Brexit deal runs out - 28.01.2019 The Atlantic
Anti-Brexit MPs must beware the dangers of upending centuries of Parliamentary tradition - 28.01.2019 Telegraph
'Disgusted' Donors Refuse to Finance Tories Until PM May Steps Down - 28.01.2019 - Sputnik International
'Meaner and angrier': Brexit exposes growing fractures in UK society | 28.01.2019 The Guardian
6 ways to clean up election law to ensure fair People’s Vote -28.01.2019 InFacts
Theresa May will face a fresh round of parliamentary ambushes when MPs hold a series of Brexit votes this week - English Pages Germany 28.01.2019
Blow for May as Ireland stresses it will not yield on Brexit backstop. Simon Coveney says situation is a result of UK red lines, as MPs prepare for key debate - 28.01.2019 Guardian
Brexit news latest: Whitehall officials look at prospect of imposing martial law in event of 'no-deal' - 27.01.2019 Evening Standard
I believe in Tory values, but the party is becoming repellent - Opinion: 27.01.2019 - Matthew d'Ancona at the Guardian
No deal would be disastrous. These amendments are not the way to prevent it - Theresa May's right-hand man calls on parliamentarians to consider a compromise that will enable a structured exit from the EU - 27.01.2019 Guardian
Insomnia, panic attacks, constant worry - the life of Britain's EU citizens. Last week the Home Office launched an App for EU citizens, but it has spread anxiety - Brits in the EU could be suffering as well! - 27.01.2019 Guardian

UK firms plan mass exodus if May allows no-deal Brexit - 26.01.2019 SEARCH

Cooper is pushing for a Commons amendment - likely to be voted on in Tuesday's debate - that would pave the way for Brexit to be delayed until the end of this year.

Mueller seeking more details on Nigel Farage, key Russia inquiry target says - 26.01.2019 Guardian
"The mood is changing" say Labour activists in Leave-voting areas. Cornwall in Europe © text: Many local Labour parties in these areas are the ones pushing most strongly for motions supporting a People's Vote. Good for them - and we've seen the same mood change in Cornwall. For many people Brexit is becoming much more than an abstract idea or an airy promise. They've seen how it's going to affect them personally, or people they know and love. 26.01.2019
Another victim of BREXIT: Key EU medicines regulator closes London office with loss of 900 jobs. European Medicines Agency heads for Amsterdam 63 days before Brexit 26.01.2019
STIRRING UP TROUBLES (source + ©) - Londonderry bomb: MI5 has 700 officers in Belfast as dissidents stoke Brexit fears - Commentary by Richard Bird: 700 MI5 officers in Belfast. I am deeply concerned that the conflict in NI will be re-opened. Brexit is a Frankenstein monster created by Cameron. Whether you stop it now, or seek to give people a chance of reconsideration by public vote, it means trouble. But on balance, stopping Brexit would:
A. eliminate any pretexts for trouble in NI.
B. create dissent and anger in some parts of the UK, but I don't see that as resulting in bombs, multiple deaths and serious injury. So purely in terms of avoiding destructive violence, stopping it NOW wins out. The rest of the political debate pales into insignificance. THE TIMES - STORY
BREAKING: MUELLER LOOKS TO LONDON - HOW ROGER STONE'S ARREST BY THE FBI SPELLS TROUBLE FOR NIGEL FARAGE AND BREXIT - BREAKING: Mueller Looks to London - How Roger Stone's Arrest by the FBI spells Trouble for Nigel Farage and Brexit The arrest of Trump's long-time political advisor for his contact with Wikileaks and Russian hacking of the Democratic Party, has two key leads to the UK and Brexit - CNN 26.01.2019
German industry warns against hard Brexit
Germany's main industry association says if Britain leaves the EU without a deal it would be a "disaster" for both sides. It says German firms would face extra tariffs of over €3bn and exports to Britain could drop by 57% ARCHIVE STORY
Yvette Cooper's plan to see off no-deal Brexit hangs in the balance. Labour front bench likely to support amendment to Theresa May's deal, but MPs in Leave areas voice concerns - Guardian 25.01.2019
Jeremy Corbyn holds the key to offering the nation a democratic opportunity to consider a reversal of Brexit. We ask today, and history books will question tomorrow, why is he so reluctant to use it? Facebook 25.01.2019
The Queen has urged people to find "common ground" and to respect "different points of view".
Commentators have interpreted the remarks as a comment on the Brexit debate, with Parliament due to vote on the way forward next week and UK due to leave the EU on 29th March - BBC 25.01.2019
Brexit has already been cancelled - and here's why they're not telling you. 29th March was a Brexiteer threat to bring people in line and it has utterly failed. Reportedly, this reporter often gets things right, even if the source is The Mirror
Brexit news latest: Second referendum likelihood 'has risen sharply,' data shows - 24.01.2019 Evening Standard
Airbus Calls Brexit Process a Disgrace, Threatens to Leave U.K
Further to the BBC World Service interview last night in Paddy's Bar Hamburg and the fact that the BBC mentioned that they were reportedly unable to get a statement from Airbus, it appears as if this information may be true. A link to the interview will more than likely appear, after the BBC are finished in Berlin today and after the interviews have been edited. It was a radio interview. 24.01.2019
There are no longer 17.4 million Leave supporters, as recorded in the 2016 referendum. Today, Remainers outnumber Leavers. Britain doesn't want #Brexit and if Parliament goes ahead with it, they will be going against today's 'will of the people'. Facebook video from Reasons2Remain. 23.01.2019
Companies press Brexit panic button in further blow to Theresa May - Guardian 23.01.2019 / Time to stop BREXIT
P&O post-Brexit plan to register Channel fleet in Cyprus. The company said the move to re-register the entire English Channel fleet within the EU will lead to fewer inspections and delays. SKY NEWS 19:31, UK 22.01.2019
Brexit: Tories CANCEL talks with Scotland a day after May promised more input - 22.01.2019 THE NATIONAL
No-deal Brexit would mean hard Irish border, EU confirms - Spokesman says it is ‘pretty obvious’ border controls would be needed under no deal - 22.01.2019 The Guardian
Prosecuting politicians is the only way out of this Brexit mess! - METRO
Brexit: MPs put forward rival plans to May's deal - BBC and others 22.01.2019
Dozens of ministers ready to quit over no deal Brexit - 22.01.2019 THE TIMES
Germany disappointed by May's Brexit plan, suggests second referendum - They are not alone! REUTERS 22.01.2019
BREAKING 21.30 - 21.01.2019 | Labour calls for vote in Commons on holding second referendum
PLAN B is looking like PLAN A. The deadlock continues on BLUE MONDAY - 21.01.2019
Brexit: Should Theresa May stick with her plan? - BBC 21.01.2019
The limited edition, 'just 4 fun' Brexit mugs. Ask how much they cost, before jumping for joy ;-) - Facebook
Ministers who voted for May in the 'No Deal' vote, slowly moving towards a referendum! - Facebook
Labour youth tell Corbyn: come off the fence on Brexit - Young metropolitan supporters threaten to defect, if party leader doesn’t change his mind - Guardian 21.01.2019
Plan B Day as May continues to ignore everybody, to protect her own party and herself. 21.01.2019
Guy Verhofstadt
Lock MPs in a room until they agree what future relationship they really want! My plea for a cross - party agreement based on the deal, so we can end the #Brexit uncertainty - Facebook
Britons in the Netherlands go to court to remain EU citizens, again - 20.01.2019
NO 56%
Support for staying in EU hits highest level since referendum as 56 per cent say no to Brexit - 19.01.2019 Evening Standard
Brexit: Labour support for fresh referendum will be only 'remaining option' if Theresa May refuses our plan, Keir Starmer says. Brexit spokesman challenges Jeremy Corbyn by saying, Labour is already at 'the phase' of considering 'campaigning for a public vote' - Independent 19.01.2019

19.01.2019 | John Major is a calm and reasonable man. So much so, that he was often described as "dull". But he spoke with compelling urgency and passion this morning, as he urged the country not to lurch into an unprecedented and irreversible act of self-harm. Facebook image of his words

Brexit: Theresa May should become mediator, says Sir John Major - 19.01.2019
Deutsch - Spiegel - Brexit

From European Movement
To Believe in the EU is to Take Pride in British Accomplishments
Speaking up for the NHS
A meeting on Brexit with my local MP

From InFacts
We must stop no-deal. Here’s how (Hugo Dixon)
Now PM’s deal is defeated, everyone must stop wasting time (Luke Lythgoe)
MPs’ cunning plan for a committee more Baldrick than Lenin (Nick Kent)
Magnificent victory but lots of work to do (Hugo Dixon)
5 answers to hard questions from soft Brexiters (Hugo Dixon)
4 other times in history we had a stab at ‘Brexit’(Richard D Simmons)

No-deal Brexit could be 'taken off the table', Chancellor Philip Hammond tells business leaders in leaked conference call (Independent)
Chancellor Philip Hammond told business leaders that a no-deal Brexit could be "taken off the table" and Article 50 "rescinded", according to a transcript of a leaked conference call obtained by the Telegraph.

Andrew Grice: We have a government that can’t govern and an opposition that can barely oppose. In 38 years as a Westminster journalist, I can’t recall a time when both main party leaderships performed so badly at the same time. Normally, there’s a see-saw effect; one side benefits from the misfortunes of the other. Now it’s stuck in the middle. Backbenchers are right to try to seize control! - Independent 18.01.2019

Brexit deal: Theresa May takes maximum time available over plan B as debate scheduled for 29th January - Independent 18.01.2019
Opinion | It was never about Europe. Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself - Guardian 18.01.2019
Corbyn could face string of resignations if he backs 'people's vote' - Guardian 18.01.2019
UK says second Brexit vote would take over a year to organize: source - Reuters 18.01.2019
UK can delay Brexit without holding Europe elections, say lawyers - FT.com 20.01.2019
Leaked: Philip Hammond has told business leaders that a no-deal Brexit could be "taken off the table" in a conference call where he raised the possibility of delaying Britain's exit from the EU. 17.01.2019
Times journalist Daniel Finkelstein was prepared to go along with Brexit and until yesterday opposed a People's Vote. Here's why he changed his mind. Facebook 17.01.2019
© British in Europe: Thank you to the 24 MEPs who today have called for our rights to be protected at EU level. Read the full letter here (PDF)
Hamburg Brexit Info + Events www.hamburg.de/brexit | Translate
Deutsche Welle - Brexit in English
THE TRUTH - The Cowards in the House of Commons Should Revoke Article 50 - Lies and illegal referendum. Now we know what Brexit looks like - VIDEO 16.01.2019

21.00 GMT. The Prime Minster will make a statement from Downing Street at 22:00 GMT. 16.01.2019

22:07 GMT BBC © - The Prime Minister makes yet another statement from the steps of Downing Street. Yet another statement repeating same phrases we’ve heard multiple times. And tells us nothing we didn’t already know.

Corbyn urged to back a People’s Vote following defeat of no confidence motion - The New European 16.01.2019
May wins confidence vote by 19 votes. 306 against, 325 for the government. May: "We have a duty to deliver Brexit". Without the DUP, she could have lost. PM invites party leaders to talks tonight. Her position to deliver Brexit could have been strengthened. Corbyn lost, but backs Brexit - 16.01.2019
Corbyn: If we lose the confidence vote we’ll push our Brexit plan
The New European 16.01.2019
1. Alternative ways to break Brexit deadlock. 2. Scenarios - BBC

'Great theatre – but tragic': Europe's media reacts in horror to May defeat ‘Complete and utter chaos’
Commentators didn’t hold back after Brexit deal crushed in Commons - Guardian 16.01.2019

'It's a shambles': the view from the country on Brexit now
Burnley, Glasgow and Cirencester voted very differently in the referendum. Where do they stand after May’s deal fell? - Guardian 16.01.2019
Business leaders warn of 'supertanker GB' heading for the rocks
CBI appeals to Tory MPs to shift position to avoid a no-deal Brexit, or risk further harm to the economy - Guardian 16.01.2019
Corbyn urges vote of no confidence to oust 'zombie government'
Labour leader says government must hold election if it cannot pass Brexit legislationt - Guardian 16.01.2019
'Brextinct': front pages on Wednesday after May's Brexit vote defeat - Guardian 16.01.2019
German Reactions to May’s Brexit Defeat - Berlin Spectator 16.01.2019
Opinion: Britain is left without a Brexit plan. It’s headed toward disaster. Washington Post 15.01.2019
3,600 Britons in Berlin apply for residence permit in run up to Brexit
Further to the Fake News from The Sun: German government denies Merkel offered additional Brexit assurances - The Local 15.01.2019
Would Britons abroad have a say in a 'People's Vote'?
Opinion: After this staggering defeat for May, our country is left lost and adrift
The prime minister’s catalogue of errors led us to this point. Now we face paralysis and humiliation - Guardian 15.01.2019
Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected by 230 votes - the largest defeat for a sitting government in history Story on BBC Website - 15.01.2019
Donald Tusk: If a deal is impossible, and no one wants no deal, then who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is? Twitter 11:40 AM - 15.01.2019
The Newspaper Front Pages - 15.01.2019
Still not facing the facts: Michael Gove quotes Game of Thrones and says 'winter is coming' if Theresa May's Brexit deal is not passed - Evening Standard 15.01.2019
Brexit deal vote: House of Lords 'rejects' Theresa May's deal in ballot dubbed 'the meaningless vote' - Evening Standard 15.01.2019
Opinion: Reportedly, more #FakeNews from The Sun, one of the UK's worst newspapers. They could have made up the news, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to German sources - heard on BBC Radio 4 today. Even the headline #TheSun used (now corrected), was incorrect. Sadly, many Leavers read these papers and it must be really frustrating to those who believe in facts. The campaign of disinformation, undertaken by such newspapers, has played a major role in the chaos, racism, populism and divisions currently being experienced. Most of these papers are owned by the few, who are registered abroad. 15.01.2019
It's 00:04 CET on MayDay, 15th January 2019. Maybe we will all know tonight, if the madness will be stopped, or not. The stress levels of many Brits, here in Continental Europe, have reached their limits, so has their patience. This day could go down in history
Brexit: How would no deal affect UK citizens in the EU? BBC 14.01.2019
Jeremy Corbyn sets sights on Downing Street ahead of Brexit vote - SKY 14.01.2019
May faces crushing Brexit defeat despite last-minute plea to MPs - Guardian 14.01.2019
Prime minister urges MPs to give her plan a second look on eve of crunch vote on withdrawal agreement
The Sound of Brexit - Soundcloud (various dates)
'Brexit Box': Hundreds stock up over food supply fears - BBC 14.01.2019
No Brexit now more likely than a no-deal departure - May
The UK is now more likely to stay in the European Union than to leave without a deal, Theresa May will say in a speech.
Revealed: Commons plot to seize control from Theresa May ahead of Brexit vote - The Times

EU preparing to delay Brexit until at least July - 13.01.2019
Brussels expecting UK request to extend 29 March deadline, with May’s deal on brink

Brexit and the U.S. Shutdown: Two Governments in Paralysis - 12.01.2019
The Brits who are applying for European passports because of Brexit - 10.01.2019
The House of Commons resumed the debate on the EU Withdrawal Agreement on Wednesday, 9th January 2019
There will be a total of 5 days of debate, ending with a 'meaningful vote' on Tuesday 15 January 2019
Brexit: MPs defeat government over no-deal preparations - BBC 08.01.2019
Britons can stay in Germany in case of disordered Brexit, officials say - 08.01.2019
Were the missing and rejected ballots in the 2016 referendum enough to cast doubt over the vote? - Posted 08.01.2019
Labour backs cross-party amendment to block no-deal Brexit - Frontbench likely to whip MPs to back amendment tabled by Yvette Cooper - 07.01.2019 | EU flag in front of Parliament
Caller, "We're going to be struggling to put food on the table because a few of you don't like foreigners." Video
Departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) Berlin.de - 03.01.2019. Important residency information, in the event of the UK leaving the EU.
New Year 2019: Sadiq Khan Shows Solidarity with EU - London Fireworks Video and an image of the Queen, which suggests she supports the EU Story and Video >
UP 2018  
Interview with Fintan O’Toole: ‘Brexit is full of hysterical self-pity’ by Andrew Anthony.
The Irish journalist talks about his new book, which skewers the myths of English nationalism, and finding comfort in Beckett. 29.12.2018.
Tory and Labour MPs to force Brexit delay if May's deal is voted down - 30.12.2018
Brussels has made clear that it would consider putting back the date of Brexit for a good reason, but has stressed that this could not mean reopening negotiations. The EU would be willing to allow extra time for a second referendum to take place.
Opinion: Brexit’s aura of inevitability is vanishing - 28.12.2018
A manufactured ‘migrant crisis’ – to create anti-EU sentiment ahead of the big Brexit vote?
Northern Irish savers 'buying gold' amid fears of sterling collapse after Brexit - 29.12.2018
1904 Entente Cordiale / 1940 - Winston Churchill proposed an 'indissoluble union' between France and the UK - Facebook Permalink
No-deal Brexit could put public at risk, warns Met chief - BBC
Incroyable, but true ... France's 1956 bid to unite with Britain
Unofficial translation of the BMI’s FAQs on residency issues related to Brexit - 28.12.2018
'NO DEAL' Now Priority 18.12.2018 - The Independent + Live Updates
Exclusive: YouGov Poll Reveals 64% Want Second Brexit Referendum 21.12.2018
Can the Queen dissolve Parliament and take control of the country? - Google
It’s 100 days to Brexit – but can it be done in time? It doesn’t look like it - 20.12.2018
Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning - BBC 18.12.2018
Thousands Of British Troops 'At Readiness' To Help With No-Deal Brexit - 18.12.2018
BBC Coverage - Website
Brexit: How John Bercow could end EU referendum gridlock - 17.12.2018
MPs’ Christmas break could be cancelled until Brexit vote is complete - 17.12.2018
Theresa May told by ministers to surrender control of Brexit to Parliament - 17.12.2018
Brexit: Germany to guarantee social security rights in no deal preparations
'Brexit is a business bankrupter': small firms brace for no deal
Theresa May - A vote of no confidence - 12th December 2018
The Observer View on May’s Brexit Deal - 9th December 2018
Brexit Deal Vote in Parliament - 11th December 2018 - News as it is published
Brexit: Theresa May's 'letter to the nation' in full and the brilliant response, plus this
The Economist - Brexit
A No Deal Brexit - The Economist
Views on Brexit: Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Informed comment
Brexit Advantages - News
Google News - Current Brexit related news, as it happens
‘Votes for life’ for overseas electors? Principles, process and party politics - 17.12.2018
Theresa May refuses to exclude NHS contracts from US trade deals - Guardian 07.02.2018
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An alternative to dual nationality? EU Blue Card – Live and work in the European Union!
For anyone applying for German citizenship who is worried that it could be refused on the grounds that you may not have sufficient pension funds... Facebook 27.02.2019
Information on residence in Germany after the UK’s exit from the EU In all EU Exit scenarios, UK nationals living in Germany will need to apply for a residence permit from their local Foreigners Authority (Ausländerbehörde). Find your relevant Foreigners Authority. Please be aware that it is important that you hold a valid passport when applying for the permit. GOV.UK 25.02.2019
If you are getting lost in all the parliamentary procedures over the Brexit deal, look at this useful summary from the Institute for Government
Hamburg | The Einbürgerungstest is essential, for dual nationality. Dual nationality is only available, before Brexit. Go to VHS in Hamburg-Sternschanze in person, to get the date for your test, or Inlingua - the latter has a longer waiting list. It currently costs 25 Euros in VHS. Get a receipt for your payment and make an appointment for Einbürgerung in Wandsbek now, even if your test is after Brexit, or the results are due after Brexit. Confirm this, when you call to make your Einbürgerung appointment. No guarantees, that the information is correct
Hamburg | Information for those that are married: Reportedly, if you married a German in the Standesamt, you do not require your birth certificate, when you attend your official Einbürgerungs application appointment - the one that counts before Brexit happens. Don't assume this will be the case, but it has happened and has been confirmed. Ask first, if you have lost your birth certificate, or you only have a copy. Replacement birth certificates take just over two weeks, to be sent at the normal price. They will be sent out the next day, if you pay almost three times as much. Application online. Not like previously, where you had to turn up in person, in the town where you were born, in the UK! No guarantees, that the information is correct
Application for a State Pension statement UK.gov
Brexit Borderlands - A forgotten hinterland with a dark past: explore the EU's newest land frontier, Britain's oldest problem and Brexit's biggest obstacle - IRISH TIMES
Car Clubs and BREXIT: ADAC | THE AA | THE RAC - The links are set up as searches on each website
Living in Germany - Official information British people moving to and living in Germany need to know, including EU Exit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving. Published 17 May 2013 Last updated 29 January 2019 — see all updates From: Foreign & Commonwealth Office
28.01.2019 | New advice for travellers visiting the UK, EU or European Economic Area in the event of a no-deal EU Exit. The government has published its latest advice for people travelling to the UK, European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland after 29th March 2019. Published 28th January 2019. From: Department of Health and Social Care
Antrag auf Einbürgerung - Dual nationality - fill out the fillable PDF form
Government outlines no deal arrangements for EU citizens In the event of no deal, EU citizens will be able to enter the UK to visit, work or study after 29th March 2019. For stays longer than 3 months, European Temporary Leave to Remain will be required. Published 28th January 2019
Germany: With this database of translators and interpreters, the State Justice administrations have created a platform to provide information on officially authorised, appointed and sworn-in translators and interpreters in the individual states of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Blue Passports (that's if they appear) From: HMPO Service
Dear Mr X, Thank you for your enquiry regarding your passport. The existing UK burgundy passports conform to international standards of design and security and will remain internationally recognised travel documents, whether the UK leaves the EU with, or without a deal. You'll be able to use your passport until its expiry date. Thank you X
Brits in Germany

24.01.2019. Please be aware that in all EU exit scenarios, UK Nationals will need to register with their local Foreigners Registration Office (Auslaenderbehoerde) even if they have previously registered with their local Town Hall (Einwohnermeldeamt/Buergeramt) and/or have been issued with an unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis.

At this stage it is advisable for UK Nationals living in Germany to locate the Foreigners Registration Office responsible for their area to find out whether there are already procedures in place for registration of UK Nationals or at which point the registration process will begin. Find your local Foreigners Registration Office here: https://www.bamf.de

The German Ministry of the Interior has published information on this and many other residency related questions, including the status of dual nationals and UK Nationals married to German/EU citizens www.bmi.bund.de / English

Brexit Lies Listed - Website

New updates on the gov.uk website regarding Driving Licenses, Tax, and Pensions. 18th January 2019
Driving 1. | Driving 2. | Tax | Pensions 1. | Pensions 2. | Pensions 3.

BAMF - Welcome to Germany
English Speaking Lawyers in Germany
Hamburg Brexit Info + Events www.hamburg.de/brexit | Translate
Living in Germany - General information
UK.gov (Government - Brexit Info)
Wikipedia - Brexit
No-deal Brexit – what could it mean for motoring? - RAC / UK Gov Pages
International Driving Permits and Brexit - RAC
Update: UK Citizen Status in Germany - Deal or no deal - 22.12.2018
UK nationals in the rest of the EU: essential information on the rights and status of UK nationals living and travelling in the rest of the European Union
The UK’s exit from the EU: Important information for UK nationals - Published 21st December 2018, with 2019 updates
Brexit - All you need to know (BBC)
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[1] BBC News: Brexit: Date for vote on Theresa May's deal confirmed:
BBC News: EU leaders agree UK's Brexit deal at Brussels summit:
The Telegraph: When is the Brexit 'meaningful vote' in Parliament and what will happen if Theresa May's deal is rejected?:
[2] 38 Degrees worked with an independent organisation called The UK in a Changing Europe to help translate what Brexit means for our everyday lives. You can read the summaries, which highlight the main differences between the options and what the government is proposing, here:
[3] Guardian: Brexit deal explained: backstops, trade and citizens' rights:
Politico: Draft text aims for ‘ambitious, wide-ranging’ post-Brexit partnership:
Gov.uk: Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community:
Gov.uk: Political declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom:
[4] This is based on a possible version of a deal that's modelled after Norway's relationship with the EU:
BBC News: Brexit: What is the Norway model?:
[5] This is based on a possible version of a deal that's modelled after Canada's relationship with the EU:
ITV News: What is a Canada-style Brexit deal?:
[6] The Sun: What is the people’s vote and will there be a second Brexit referendum?:
[7] BBC News: Brexit: No deal brings risk of stockpiling says watchdog:
UK in a Changing Europe: Cost of no-deal revisited:
[8] You can read the summaries here:
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